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Istanbul Freight Index (ISTFIX for short) is owned and operated by Istanbul Denizcilik Ar-Ge ve Danismanlik A.S.

ISTFIX is an internet reference website which intended to be a leading source of information in shipping.
ISTFIX contains statistical information derived and compiled from various different sources.
A consideration of seagoing world trade by region shows that Black Sea-Mediterranean - Continent ports are one of the most important destinations/ regions for maritime trade.
The ISTFIX is devoted to basic reginal freight flows which determine Black Sea and mediterranean markets as well as volume analysis and direction of basic export-import cargoes traded in the Istfix Shipping Area.

The term Istfix Shipping Area refers to the routes taken by the ships ranging from 2000 dwt to 12000 dwton which described small coaster size of dry/general cargo/mini bulkers and The routes are taken as five different Range as under.

  1. Black Sea - Marmara Range
  2. Black Sea - East Mediterranean
  3. Black Sea - Central Med
  4. Black Sea - West Med
  5. Black Sea - Continent Range

For the purpose, the tonnage ranges have been outlined as follows:

  1. 2000dwt-4000dwt
  2. 4000dwt-6000dwt
  3. 6000dwt-8000dwt
  4. 8000dwt-12000dwt

The ISTFIX has been published weekly and the information and the details contained here in this website presented in good faith but without guarantee.
In order to keep improving our services we would be very much pleased to receive your comments/suggestions about this study.

We thank all friends arround the Istfix Area supporting us so willingly.